Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

A weekly show about the people, ideas, and things around us.

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    5. Well That's Just Super feat. Sam Riedel

    During this episode, I talk with Sam Riedel, a writer based out of Brooklyn (shocker). She's the social media manager for The Mary Sue, writes for various publications, and is also writing her own book.

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    4. This Got Real Heavy feat. Jessica Salinas

    During this episode, I talk with Jessica Salinas. She's an experienced social & content strategy professional. We talk about the impact of social media on mental health, being minorities, and the impact on the rest of tech on the rest of us.

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    1. It's a Lot of Work feat. Annie Stoll

    I’m excited to release my first episode today! During this episode, I talk with Annie Stoll, an Art Director for Sony Music Entertainment. She’s designed for LucasArts, amongst others, and is always working on exciting projects.

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